Sanu is an innovative financial application that allows users to securely invest in and manage gold and silver assets. It's a composite representation of these precious metals, enabling clients to own physical gold or silver stored in secure vaults while viewing their holdings online. Built on cutting edge technology and issued by Kian Smith Company, Sanu ensures a secure physical audit trail and easy transferability. It offers features like secure holdings, audited custody, asset mobilization, transparent transactions, and leverages the historical value of gold and silver. Sanu is designed for modern, hassle-free trading and investing in precious metals, making it accessible and transparent for users worldwide. For more detailed information, you can visit their website at

Sanu Payments

Sanu has the ability to collect Bank to Bank transfer and Debit card payments. You can also convert your physical gold back to Naira in the Sanu app

Pick it up or Vault it away.

We designed the software that allows you to buy gold from the comfort of your home and pick it up at the closest and most convenient partner bank Branch. Kian Smith also vaults your gold and keeps it safe in one of their audited and secure vaults.

Transfer Gold in seconds

One of the biggest disadvantages with owning Gold is logistics. We built in a peer to peer transfer system that allos Sanu users to send Gold to each other in the speed of light

The Results.

Naira Spent on Gold and Silver
Precious Metal Transactions
Change your company's future.
Change your company's future.

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